Bud Selig Sucks

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God how he sucks - let me know how much he sucks. I'll include your comments at the bottom of this page. Sign email with how you want to be represented.
The BIG list of ultimate screw jobs:

Brewers to the NL - the ultimate nepotism scandal.

Steroids. I love them. Oh wait, there are steroids? Oh, yeah, I hate steroids. They are evil. I will take all you steroid mongers down!

Setting up new rules just for the playoffs to help his buddy owned team in the World Series. What a chump.
Rickey: Hell yeah with the Astros / CWS world series. That was a total crock. Houston was the better team and got stiffed... by the COMMISH of all people! Down with Selig!!!

Baseball in November!!!!???? Who the hell are you?

Oh, this game might go extra innings too? Gee I never thought of that.

Screw the rain! People got mad at me for November baseball. Now we play through everything. No matter what. Right now! Oh wait, is it too late?
Butt: What the hell is this about?
Bud: Dear Butt, this refers to the start of game 6 that never should have happened and nearly altered the face of world series history. See this Column

uhhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh. maybe just a bit intimidated.

Latest Reader Comments:
  • Jonathan K. DeMuria, New Jersey: "lets not forget his nepotism on not moving the brewers back to the AL, instead forcing the Astros to move and paying 50million for them to do so. He makes me furious". Bud: Ah yes, the AL/NL scandal. #1 on my original list below gets a little twist. Basically admitting he was a fuckin idiot and "Fixing" it by not moving the Brewers back, but forcing another team to. At least he got what HE wanted for his team. Screw 20 years of competitive equality. Bud really likes to pick on the Astros. See #3 on the list as well.
  • Sportznut5150: "Peter Edward Rose not in the Hall of Fame"
  • JRod: "Not letting Mark Cuban into baseball ownership"
  • David from Ft Worth: "Why is replay limited to just home runs? Will the NFL say next year only touchdowns can be reviewed? God I can't wait till he's out so baseball can be pure again. We all know he's done wonders with solving the steroids problem in the last decade."
  • Chuck: "The Doc Ellis no hitter - Any footage of this game was either destroyed or under lock and key by Bud Selig. There's no way he'll let it see the light of day and this is just another reason why i hate Bud Selig"
  • JJ: "Check out the Einhorn bullshit"